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What is "Wednesday at the Holly Moose?"

Did you ever miss "Taco Tuesday"? Have no fear, the Holly Moose Lodge saves the day with TACO WEDNESDAY'S! The kitchen staff will serve up the finest tacos to made to your order. We also have other Moose Chow choices including an awesome wet burrito or chips & salsa to snack on. Kitchen service begins at 5:30 PM.

While you're at it, stick around because Wednesday's also bring us My Trivia Live starting at 7pm and it's FREE! Grab your highest IQ friends and partake in a challenge of brain power that's sure to keep you guessing. The My Trivia Live folks come in to host a great game of trivia! Great food, great music & great people....THAT, my friends, is a Wednesday night at the Holly Moose Lodge!

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