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Why pay my dues on time?

Question: Why should I pay my dues on time?

Answer: to keep operating costs down, including DUES price!

Folks, we currently have 347 Holly Moose Members with expired dues.

Do you know why different Moose Lodges have different pricing for yearly dues?

Moose is considered a NOT FOR PROFIT organization. Your membership dues go directly to Moose International. One requirement of HAVING a “Moose Lodge '' is to assist Moose International by paying for our MEMBERS. Every lodge pays a “per capita” fee for EVERY member in our lodge each month. The Michigan Moose Association and Moose International officers offer all lodges incentives to drive per capita costs down.

By hitting all of our key requirements every month (targets and due dates), the Holly Lodge had its per capita down to $1.99 per member. Since the fire, our cost per member each month is now $2.87/month. If we do not finish our current fiscal year (ends April 30, 2023) with 1,428 members, our per capita will increase one dollar per member. It can go as high as $7.00 per member if required target goals are not met.

Now keep in mind, the member count of the Holly Moose Lodge on May 1, 2022 was 1,427 members. Per capita costs are based on the May 1 of that fiscal year active member count:

5/01/22 - Per capita was $1.99 per member…for 1,427 active Holly Moose Members

6/21/22 - $1.99 per member per month. ($34,076.76 for the year)

4/08/23 - $2.87 per member per month. ($49,145.88 per year). This is what we are currently paying.

If today's EXPIRED Members count stay as is….the Holly Moose Lodge per capita will be $3.87 per member per month. Better put, $50,155.20 a year. So, yes…without increase in membership, we will have to pay an extra $16,078.44 in per year for our membership (based on our current membership count of 1,080 members with dues in current good standing).

Where do we make this cost up in our operations finances? Not to mention, the inflation dollars that have prices through the roof everywhere else. Raise dues price? Raise beverage price? It’s so much easier just to have our members pay their dues ON TIME! Help us keep our expenses down.

This is why it is so important that we RETAIN our current members! Please renew your dues, check your expiration dates. Your fellow current Brothers & Sisters will thank you!

Dues renewal info below…

Renew dues on the Moose Membership app, or online at

Thank you.

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