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Holly Moose Lodge UPDATE

FIRE UPDATE - Jan. 13, 2023

Well, it’s been a while, no, it’s been a long while… no, it’s TOO LONG! Just because it has been a while, doesn’t mean things are not progressing albeit, slower than molasses. Keep in mind, it was TWO MONTHS before we could even safely enter the building. Since then, we have had to pretty much gut everything and build back. Due to the fact that the damage was fire related meant that our beloved 110 year old Moose Lodge needed to be “brought up to code”. Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.

Where do we stand today?

The flooring is almost complete with hardwood oak planking on dining side and carpeting on bar side. Juke box is installed. A new 2nd stairway (near front entrance) is complete. Painting is complete with exception of touch up. The bar is nearing finishing stages to be brough back onsite. Embedded with Holly Moose logos, the bar top will have a seamless clear epoxy poured in The lighting and ceiling fans are operational and the new look is amazing! Our beer cooler is nearing completion with new glass sliders facing the bar. Cooler door has been refinished and new seals installed!

When you look at the pictures, you will see what happens when you dig into a 110 year old building! Chuck McConnaughey brought his crew in to fix the floor behind the bar. After ripping out FIVE LAYERS of different types of flooring, they exposed the floor joists and started fresh! What a difference…thanks guys!

We are currently replacing our kitchen ventilation hood and exhaust system which also needed to be brought up to code. The Board chose not to spend the quoted $40,000 for this job and decided to do it ourselves with the help of an outside contractor. As it stands now, we should get the new hood installed for around $20,000. Several Board members will tackle this over the next several weeks.

So the million dollar question, when will we open? If I new…I would hit the Mega Millions drawing tonight! Currently we are shooting for February. The Holly Moose Lodge supposed to host the February District 12 meeting. We have since moved that meeting to Grand Blanc, so there is that. We may have a soft open with no kitchen to start but that has not been determined as of yet. We’ll keep ya posted!

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

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