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Holly Moose Lodge Update 7/13/22

Holly Moose Lodge UPDATE
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July 13, 2022

FIRE: Meetings have taken place with the restoration company & insurance folks on 7/11/22. The best news we could have gotten is the wall of Andy's Place is secure for workers to continue cleaning. The dehumidifiers and air scrubbers are running 24/7. We have a long way to go, but rest assured....progress is being made. Our Board of Officers, Social Quarters Manager and WOTM Treasurer met on 7/12 to discuss the issues at hand and pay the bills.

We are currently working with the State of Michigan as the Liquor Control Commission and State Gaming Divisions have a vested interests in inventories and equipment (Keno machines, printers etc...). All electronics (TV's, computers, etc...) and appliances (fridges, freezers, ovens etc…) will be removed, cleaned, inspected, tested and stored by the restoration company while clean up and rebuild is taking place. All beer, wine & liquor will be destroyed by the LCC. The Holly Moose Lodge Liquor License has been pulled and placed into escrow while the rebuild proceeds.

The communication with the International Gaming Company will happen today. The pull tab machine will be removed by them and inventory of remaining pull tabs will commence. Be advised, other Moose Lodges have pull tabs for all you wanting to play. They would love to see you! Also, the ATM is being removed today (7/12/22) and the jukebox will come out as well.

The roof cannot be repaired until the scaffolding comes down from the wall repair. At this point, we are unsure if the entire roof needs replacing. The ember burn holes are throughout the entire roof. Dennis Todd will make the roof great again once it is time for that. Until then, we are in a holding pattern.

DUES: This is the tough part. Holly Moose Lodge currently has 262 expired members.

A few of our members expressed concerns about why they should pay their dues when “there is no lodge to go to”. We have Fenton Moose, Highland Moose, Grand Blanc Moose lodges all nearby! As stated earlier, they would love to see you.

Your membership in good standing allows you to go into ANY Moose Lodge in the country! Also, our dues do WAY more than just help our lodge. We need our members to survive as a

Moose Lodge. Our membership is what keeps us open. Should we lose membership, it would be reflected in dues cost. We need to pay our expired dues. We are still donating to our community and other commitments (Blessings in a Backpack, Mooseheart & Moosehaven).

Also, keep in mind that Moose International sends out a renewal slip to EVERY MOOSE MEMBER that is nearing expiration. It is easiest to fill out the info, write a check, stuff it in an envelope and send it back to Moose International Membership.

Expired dues can also be easily renewed at online at . Many issues we are hearing are that members cannot renew their dues because of an error. Members should read the Membership Guidelines in Chapter 28 of the General Laws for further details at…

Many of the issues we are seeing stem from members that have been terminated from the Moose International books (meaning dues lapsed over two years!) One year in lapse, a member is considered EXPIRED. Dues that are two years lapsed, the member in considered DROPPED. After two years, the membership is TERMINATED. Meaning one must re-apply and go through the application acceptance process.

Another issue involves the “One Moose” (men/women together). Many of the expired WOTM #854 (Women Of The Moose) members are struggling with online renewal due to the fact that our women must now pay lodge dues LODGE #1168 (dues for this is $45). The expired WOTM #854 dues will be on top of that lodge dues payment. All must pay LODGE #1168 dues.

**We will be accepting membership renewals at the July 31st family picnic. See activities below for further details.

NEW MEMBERSHIP REQUESTS: For those choosing to apply for a Holly Moose Lodge #1168 membership can do so at easily with the online application process.

Should current members wish to sponsor a new Holly Moose Lodge membership, one can turn in money and application to any of the Board of Officers, Bob Schultz, Michelle Justice or Becky Jones. If any current members have NEW membership applications, these too, will be collected at the 7/31 Annual Family Picnic (see ACTIVITIES for details).


Holly Moose Family Picnic - Sunday, July 31st VALID MOOSE ID REQUIRED TO ATTEND! (we will have a card check and dues renewal available on this day) If you are renewing dues, please bring correct CASH ONLY. Join us for a fun filled day at Lakeside Memorial Park with food, drink, music, 50/50’s and the Annual WOTM Cornhole Tournament! Bring a side dish to pass. Time is from noon until 6 PM.

Blues Brews & Barbeque - Saturday, August 7th

Hosted by the Holly Chamber of Commerce and the Holly Moose Lodge. Dinner & Music for $15 or $5 for music after 7 pm. “Lester Blues” will be performing from 7 pm until 11 pm! Tickets available at Holly Chamber, Winglemire Furniture, The State Bank, or at the door!

Michigan Moose Association Annual Convention - Aug. 17-21

The year end Annual MMA Convention will be held at the Kewadin Hotel in Sault Ste. Marie. Hotel information and Convention Registration is available at…

HollyDays - TBD

The Moose Board of Officers would like to thank Gary & Tina Hembree for graciously allowing our Holly Moose to use their “Backroads Bar & Grill” for our officers/membership meetings. We meet every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm.

We would also like to thank each a every Moose Lodge from AROUND THE WORLD. Yes, we have had lodges reach out from across the country and Canada wishing us the best through these difficult times. Most of all THANK YOU, our valued Holly Moose Members. They say “it takes a village”, we like to say….it “takes a herd of Moose” to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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