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Lodge Update 10/29/22

LODGE UPDATE: 10/29/22

The lodge is continuing to see forward progress. While an opening date is still unknown, we are being told that the lodge could be ready for business by Christmas. Oh what a gift that would be!

  • Plumbing and electrical is complete and drywall is hung.

  • Two HVAC units have been set on the roof and one is now operational.

  • North brick wall is set for final clean & coat this coming week.

  • Quotes are being obtained for cabinets and countertops.

  • Ice machines have been purchased.

As some of you know, the Village Fire Inspector has forced us to add a second stairway leading into the basement. It was determined the basement needed a second means of egress in the event of a fire. This stairway will be just on your left as you walk into the front door.

The walk-in cooler is now in need of replacement and quotes are being obtained. We were originally told it was salvageable. This needs to be done sooner than later.

The crews will begin to prep the drywall for paint. Lighting & fan fixtures are being picked out. Once that is complete, they will begin replacing the hardwood flooring and carpet. After that, the equipment that has been in storage can be brought back in.

In the last update, we had spoke about a $25,000 grant we applied for through Moose International. I am sad to report that we were turned down for that grant. The kitchen shall remain the same size for now.

Our Family Fall Gathering at the Holly VFW was a great day as we watched football, had some FANTASTIC food & drinks, raffled off the WOTM “Spirits Wagon” (Congrats R.J.!). The WOTM ran three separate 50/50’s as well. Thanks to all that attended!

Please make sure you stay on top of your dues. We are looking into installing card access for the front and back doors. Your Moose ID card will allow you access as long as your Moose Membership is in good standing. These doors will always be locked until you scan your card. You can renew your dues easily online here…

So with that, we leave you with…Stay tuned as the Holly Moose Lodge is coming back!!!

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